Film Production Locations in Joburg

Our Top 3 Film Production Locations in Johannesburg

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Film Production in South Africa is a vibrant affair. We’ve got sickening talent, skilled crew and above all location, location, location – no, it never gets old. South Africa remains one of the top service production destinations in the world. It offers a diverse range of production locations fit for any feature, documentary or TVC. 

We have been paying homage to our sister city Johannesburg, as she gears up for her film season. While film production in Cape Town prepares to hibernate for the rainy season, Johannesburg offers the perfect alternative for cost-effective commercial and long-form service.

1. Johannesburg: CBD

Probably one of the most popular film production locations for action movies in South Africa. In 2015, The CBD streets were shut down for an iconic fight scene between Iron Man and The Hulk in the action-packed Avengers: Age of Ultron. 300 local film production crew were employed during the production of this blockbuster proving that South Africa is well equipped with the resources and talent required to service a Hollywood production of this magnitude.

The city skyscrapers and metropolitan backdrops of downtown Johannesburg create a mood fit for dystopic sci-fi epics, making it one of the most marketable locations for productions around the world. Other well-known international films shot in the CBD include Dredd, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, The Giver, Hotel Rwanda, Queen of Katwe as well as the widely celebrated South African feature, District 9.   

2. Film Production Location 2: Maboneng

Film Production: Maboneng

Maboneng is the location to watch. This urban precinct, which literally means “place of light”, is a hub of creative energy and the ideal contemporary urban setting. It has become the heart and soul of downtown Joburg with its charm and character, making it an attractive location for commercial service production. Filled with restaurants, cafes, art galleries, studio apartments and the infamous Market On Main.

There is a huge street art culture in Maboneng which gives the city pops of dynamic colour. Great for local and international service that requires a bit of creative urban edge.  

3. Film Production Location 3: Glen Afric

Film Production: Glen Afric

One of the most beautiful attributes about living and filming in South Africa is that a completely different landscape is a mere 40 minutes away. Our friends from Glen Afric have always been accommodating to our international guests making it one of the most film production-friendly locations in Johannesburg.

Dramatic panoramic views of the Magaliesburg Mountains envelop the natural beauty, while the animals on Brookers Farm make regular appearances on and off-camera. This film destination is renowned for local film productions and TV series such as Top Gear, Mr. Bones and Wild At Heart.

Here are 7 more reasons why we love film production in Johannesburg. Follow our instagram account @mrfilmsa to discover this beautiful city.