MR Film take on Video Production Services

Some thoughts from South Africa’s leading video production services company

Women's Day - The First Lady of MR Film

Special Words from the Women at MR Film this Women’s Day

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Happy National Women’s Day! “Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” – Maya Angelou.  In 1956, a group of South African women led by Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and Sophia Theresa Williams de Bruyn marched to the Union Buildings…

One&Only Cape Town

Production Friendly Accommodation: One&Only Cape Town

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One&Only Cape Town is more than just a film production-friendly hotel. It’s an experience of world-class customer service offering a variety of amenities, fine dining facilities, and a sophisticated yet welcoming elegance from the second you walk through the door. The film production and hospitality industry has been working side by side for decades to…

Film Production Locations in Joburg

Our Top 3 Film Production Locations in Johannesburg

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Film Production in South Africa is a vibrant affair. We’ve got sickening talent, skilled crew and above all location, location, location – no, it never gets old. South Africa remains one of the top service production destinations in the world. It offers a diverse range of production locations fit for any feature, documentary or TVC. …

7 Reasons to Film In Johannesburg

7 Reasons to film in Johannesburg, South Africa

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While Cape Town winds down for a promising rainy season, the spotlight shines bright on Johannesburg. Gauteng may be South Africa’s smallest province but the notorious City of Gold is a thriving metropolis of culture, talent, diverse film locations and all year round filming.  Johannesburg may lack the Mother City’s popular beach locations but makes…

The benefits of Remote Shooting in South Africa

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It has been a different kind of season for the South African production services industry but we managed to pull through thanks to the support of our International clients and world class Remote Shooting facilities. Despite the second COVID-19 peak in January, we managed to service 7 production teams from around the world including France,…

South Africa: Safe and Sound – COVID-19 Update

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South Africa has successfully ridden out the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. As of the 15th of March, our recoveries stand at 1 455 325, representing a recovery rate of 95% – one of the highest in the world. New cases are decreasing daily amongst major provinces such as Gauteng and the Western Cape,…

Black History Month

Black History Month: Why it gotta be Black

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February has everyone notoriously seeing red, with heart shapes, cherubs and chocolates literally shoved in our faces thanks to Hallmark Day. If you’re keeping an eye on our social media, you’ll notice that we’ve been seeing Black, in honour of a far greater celebration. Welcome to Black History Month.  Yes. We know. Black History Month…

Scottnes L. Smith

Interview with Scottnes L. Smith

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He Scott This – An interview with Film Director Scottnes L. Smith His name is Scottnes L. Smith (the L will remain a mystery); a local treasure born in Johannesburg. He is first and foremost, an artist, inspired by narratives derived from cultures around the world, including his own backyard. As a seasoned nomad, Scottnes…

Keep Calm and Just Keep Filming!

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Open borders, sunny skies and safety first: Cape Town has been silently humming since the reopening of borders, welcoming back familiar friends and faces to the best Mother City in the world. It’s good to see production boards gracing our city street lamps again, a sign that season is in full swing. Our dams are…

A High Five for FIVA

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VISA Update: Official Statement from FIVA The South African borders are officially open for business, which means that it’s time to dust off our lenses and service some serious International productions. We are overjoyed by the recent update and extremely grateful to all parties who continue to work hard and long with the South African…