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Keep Calm and Just Keep Filming!

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Open borders, sunny skies and safety first: Cape Town has been silently humming since the reopening of borders, welcoming back familiar friends and faces to the best Mother City in the world. It’s good to see production boards gracing our city street lamps again, a sign that season is in full swing. Our dams are…

A High Five for FIVA

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VISA Update: Official Statement from FIVA The South African borders are officially open for business, which means that it’s time to dust off our lenses and service some serious International productions. We are overjoyed by the recent update and extremely grateful to all parties who continue to work hard and long with the South African…

Locations in South Africa

Places Of Film – Part 2

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Location. Location. Location. If you’re in the film biz, you will know that saying oh too well. You’ll also know the importance of having the right location for the right board, which is why SA is a winner in the top destination department when it comes to servicing international film productions. We’ve made Camps Bay…

Supporting the Greater Film Production Economy #PlacesOFFilm

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#PlacesOfFilm: Part 1 They say that when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. We prefer taking a salty shot of tequila to be quite honest, and if there is any industry that is well deserving of a few good shots, it’s our travel and tourism industry. COVID-19 has not been kind to any…

Domestic Travel – One form at a time

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While we wait to hear further details about International Travel and the official re-opening of Hotels, limited domestic air travel has already been permitted. The partial relaxation of travel restrictions was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa and outlined in the COGTA Regulations issued in Gazette 43364. Further details were released in the directions issued by…

#FacesOfFilm Campaign

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SCENE 1 EXT. Backyard of a best friend’s house POV shot of the Producer walking in and scanning the backyard of a traditional South African braai. He doesn’t know anyone and beelines for the bucket of beers under the pull out table. He opens his beer to the refreshing crisp sound when the host approaches…

MR Films Team

Back to the Reel World

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We’re back in business…t’s and c’s applied. Face masks, social distancing and hand sanitiser. This is what our brave new world looks like at the moment as we adapt to the Corona Era one day at a time. The global pandemic has had a massive impact on our beloved industry, with new pending regulations and…